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A sagacious interest in learning Chinese languages is your secret to success for growing your business in China. In the face of fierce competition in the China market, knowing some Mandarin and Cantonese language can put you ahead of your competitors. You might know that New Zealand was the first developed country to recognise China as a Market Economy and the first country to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China. New Zealand businesses have built a solid reputation as trusted trading partners with China and for a long period have enjoyed this advantage over other countries. You might also know that New Zealand was also the first country to agree China’s accession to the Word Trade Organisation (WTO) by concluding the bilateral negotiation component of that process (and there might be more facts you are interested in from New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade)! But have you considered how advantageous it might be to acquire insights into Chinese business language and etiquette? China is now the fastest…

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