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Learning languages

Have you ever wondered how many languages are spoken on our planet? 7 099 languages! Yes, that’s right: seven thousand and ninety-nine different languages. Spoken on the same planet, by individuals from the same human race. All with the same ability to learn any of those 7,099 languages. Now, tell me honestly: What was your first thought when you read that number? Did you think of the 7,099 amazing possibilities to access knowledge, philosophies and outlooks on life you never considered before? Or did you see 7,099 obstacles keeping us to communicate with each other? I bet it was more of the latter. Because not long ago, it was also my first feeling. And here’s my point. For too long, we have thought of languages as something that divided us. We accepted the Babel Tower tale and set boundaries between lands where different languages were spoken. And now, here we…

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‘Why would I need to learn foreign languages, everybody speaks English, right?’ Even if it’s easy to think you don’t have to learn any other language when your native language is English, you probably have never been so wrong. Apart from the obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world; learning a language is acquiring a new way of seeing the world. A new tongue means a whole new world of opportunities, and a perspective on your own culture you might otherwise never have considered. Social, economic, personal, professional; advantages of mastering a new language are numerous. Today, we will explore how learning a language will make you embrace a whole new world of opportunities! More than a language, learn a new culture Being a kiwi or not, there are very high chances that living in New Zealand made you interested at some point in the Māori culture and language. The reason behind this is…

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